150w LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station, Ceiling Mounted Gas Station Lights

BBIER LED Gas Station Light (Filling Station Lights) is a professional LED lighting for world Gas Station Lighting, petrol station lighting, Garage lighting, LED Petrol station LED lighting designed by COMMSUN base of generation I LED Gas Station Lighting to replace traditional petrol station lighting in world filling station, offering lower operating temperatures, lower power consumption and longer life.

Additional Information

Item No. BB-CSD-150W-A
Weight 11.00kg
Rated Watts 150w
Input Voltage 100-277VAC / 50-60Hz
Luminous Flux 11242.00LM
Lamp Base

2 Pins

Power Factor >0.95
Color Rendering Index (CRI)


Operating Temperature

-40°C – 50°C

LED Luminous Efficiency

>88.02 lm/W

Power Efficiency >88%
Color Temperature WarmWhite: 2,700 – 3,500 K; Natural White: 4,000 – 5,000 K; Cool White: 5,500 – 6,700K
Application Gas Station, Gasoline, petrol station, gas pump, Service station, Filling station, Petrol station…
The Dimensions d400*155mm
Packing Size (L*W*H) 50*50*23CM

1. UL Meanwell driver;
2. Revolutionary Photometric Design;
3. Unique Integrated Lens and Lampshade Design;
4. Low Power Consumption,With the 60W, 100W, 150W High Power LED Filling Station Lighting, but can replace the 250W MH, 400W MH, 500W MH directly;
5. Creative Modules Configuration Design,We invented our Modules Configuration design, you can choose 2,4,6 or more modules to suit for different lighting requirements;
6. Long Life, Up to 50,000 Hours;
7. Wide colour availability in degrees Kelvin(K),2700-6700K.
8. Green and Environmental Protection: No lead, no mercury, no environmental pollution.

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