Designed to be installed in both public access environments (urban spaces, shopping centres, parking lots, airports…) and private ones (homes, communal blocks, company fleets…) where their intelligence and communication capabilities offer a range of possibilities that improve the user and/or operator experience.

Concept Design

Nowadays, the concept of intelligent car park combined with sophisticated users demands intelligent EV chargers with the possibility of having connection to a cloud based software or backend.

Installing a Smart WallBox network in a carpark allows performing an intelligent energy management of several charging station simultaneously where not enough power is available.

Product highlights

For Charge Point Operator / Owner

  • The Embedded Load Management allows a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by charging two EVs simultaneously even when the charger is not supplied with its maximum output power.

  • About the charger’s Housing, ABS plastic has been selected in a robust structural design that provides protection to both mechanical stress and severe environmental conditions, increasing the charger lifespan and avoiding its replacement in just a few years.

  • In terms of Communication, either by its Ethernet port (by default) or 3G/GPRS modem (optional) the charger can be connected to
    a back-office system (by means of OCPP) obtaining benefits such as user management, billing, remote error diagnostic, etc.

  • Ready for Dynamic Load Management network integration. Smart Wallbox series can be integrated with Circontrol Scada Software and make simultaneous EV charge easier, faster and cheaper.

For Charge Point User

• Clear charging instructions and plug status are shown using a backlight display, increasing user satisfaction, especially useful when the charger has been previously reserved by another user.

• Smart WallBox series offers a flexible authentication, meaning that the user can either authenticate before or after connecting the cable to the EV. Additionally, the authentication process can also be disabled for a ‘plug & charge’ use mode.

Download : smart