130w LED Canopy Soffit Luminaire Gas Station Light – LED Canopy/Soffit Lighting
The fixture is designed with aesthetics in mind, with a low profile design to make it visually appealing for applications such as ATM drive-throughs, hotels, airports and gas stations, Made of sturdy cast aluminum.
Save more than 75% in energy costs LED canopy/soffit lighting. The soffit luminaire is designed to take the place of less efficient metal halide systems, and its operating cost savings will have you seeing a return on your investment in less than two years when compared to conventional lighting systems.


1. Beam Angle(°): 120 degree
2. Two lens options are available: flat or 1-inch prismatic drop(to meet your optics needs)
3. Slim low profile design
4. Mounts: direct mount, hook & cord, pendant
5. Replace up to MIH 400W
6. Easy mounting and servicing from below the deck
7. Luminaire housing is constructed of rugged cast aluminum with integral heat sink specifically designed for LED
8. Direct mount is suitable for use in single or double skin canopies with a minimum 4.0″ (102mm) wide panels and a minimum 22 gauge, 0.030″ (0.7mm) canopy thickness
9. Direct mount luminaire mounts directly to the canopy deck with the drilling of a single 2.0″ (51mm) to 4.0″ (102mm) round hole, is secured in place with self-sealing screws that provide water-tight seal and includes 3/4″ (19mm) conduit entry for direct wire feed
10. Hook and cord mount includes a 3′ (0.91m) cord out of the fixture and is intended to hang from the single hook
11. High Quality & Ultra-Bright Osram LED Chips
12. MEANWELL Driver Listed
14. 5 year WARRANTY

Product Description

LED Canopy Soffit Luminaire Gas Station Light – LED Canopy/Soffit Lighting

The Gas Station LED Canopy/Soffit Luminaire has an extremely thin profile constructed of rugged cast aluminum. It can be surface mounted easily from below the canopy deck and also has the ability to be pendant mounted or hook & cord mounted. Direct imaging of the LEDs is eliminated with a highly efficient patterned flat or 0.91″ (23mm) drop glass lens. Applications: Gas Station, Petroleum canopies, CNG fueling stations, low-medium bay general lighting, soffits

Additional Information

Item No. BB-CSD-130W-B
Beam Angle(°) 120
Weight 7.50kg
Rated Watts 130w
Input Voltage 100-277VAC / 50-60Hz
Luminous Flux 10853.00LM
Efficacy (lm/W)

83.87 lm/W

Color Rendering Index (CRI)


Color Temperature WarmWhite: 2,700 – 3,500 K; Natural White: 4,000 – 5,000 K; Cool White: 5,500 – 6,700K
Equivalent Wattage

400W MH

Lamp Base

2 Pins

Power Factor >0.95
Operating Temperature

-30°C – 130°C

LENs Option

Flat or Drop

Application Gas Station, Gasoline, petrol station, gas pump, Service station, Filling station, Petrol station…
The Dimensions L380*W380*H68
Packing Size (L*W*H) 45*45*15CM