GENERAL DESCRIPTION : 100w LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station, Ceiling Mounted Gas Station Lights, Design commercial lighting for petrol stations, 7463 Luminous Flux, An integrated modular design supports excellent heat sinking and easy replacement for future maintenance. The power supply is built in the chamber with better protection than external ones.            

Product Description :                                                       
100w LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station, Ceiling Mounted Gas Station Lights BBIER LED Gas Station Light (Filling Station Lights) is a professional LED lighting for world Gas Station Lighting, petrol station lighting, Garage lighting, LED Petrol station LED lighting designed by COMMSUN base of generation I LED Gas Station Lighting to replace traditional petrol station lighting in world filling station, offering lower operating temperatures, lower power consumption and longer life.                                                       

  1. UL Meanwell driver;
  2. Revolutionary Photometric Design;
  3. Unique Integrated Lens and Lampshade Design;
  4. Low Power Consumption,With the 60W, 100W, 150W High Power LED Filling Station Lighting, but can replace the 250W MH, 400W MH, 500W MH directly;
  5. Creative Modules Configuration Design,We invented our Modules Configuration design, you can choose 2,4,6 or more modules to suit for different lighting requirements;
  6. Long Life, Up to 50,000 Hours;
  7. Wide colour availability in degrees Kelvin(K),2700-6700K.
  8. Green and Environmental Protection: No lead, no mercury, no environmental pollution.                                                      

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