SmartCONDUIT is a piping system designed to contain electrical and communication cables in high groundwater or hydrocarbon-rich environments.

The polyamide liner provides a chemical barrier against the transit of hydrocarbons towards the pipe internal surface and facilitates the insertion of cables due to its extremely low-friction coefficient.

Product benefits:
         ▪ High resistance to hydrocarbon permeation
         ▪ Extremely smooth internal wall
         ▪ Low friction coefficient
         ▪ High impact resistance
         ▪ High compression and collapse resistance
         ▪ Exclusive color coding for easy identification
     ▪ A full range of electro-fusion or mechanical fittings completes the SmartCONDUIT system including secure sealed end fittings and entry boots that can be welded through barcode technology

SmartCONDUIT is available in diameters from 32mm to 110mm.

The SmartCONDUIT system is CE certified according to standard CEI EN 50086 with IMQ certification.